Honeygain Passive Income

TLDR: Signup, Download and install Honeygain today and get $5 starting gift. Get paid for your unused internet connection.

Passive Incomes

With the current cost of living crisis in full motion, we look to ways to earn that extra money on the side with the least amount of effort. We look for passive income streams that will give us that little bit of extra pocket money or to top up those bank balances that need a healthy boost to survive and this is where i discovered Honeygain.

But what about your data and privacy?

Honeygain takes data security and your privacy seriously. They verify the clients and only work with well know and respectable companies by approving every use case individually and by monitoring of their clients activities throughout the Honeygain network.

Honeygain don’t need your data, it only uses your internet connection to pass traffic which means that your data is untouchable from they Honeygain networks.

What is your internet connection used for?

Honeygain uses your unused bandwidth to allow businesses to browse the web without any location restrictions or censorship which is what the digital future is evolving into for a better online experience.

While you are sharing your internet connection through the Honeygain network, you are allowing for their clients to access the web from your location which allows the businesses to view the internet as it is seen by real people.

Some use cases are things such as:

  • SEO + Web Optimisations
  • Brand Protection
  • Ad Verification
  • App Testing and App Development
  • Content Delivery
  • Price Comparisons

Why do you need Honeygain?

Honeygain will allow you to generate passive income without doing anything. By simply downloading and installing the Honeygain app on any of the supported devices (Android, iOS, Windows, macOS, Linux) and leaving it running in the background…you will generate a passive income without lifting a finger.

Depending on several factors such as location, time app is active and how popular businesses use your internet connection,… you can easily earn yourself $20+ per month.

Getting started with Honeygain

To get up and running with Honeygain, you will need to follow these steps:

  1. Click here to go to Honeygain website
  2. Click on the blue “Claim $5 now” button
  3. Create a Honeygain account
  4. Click the “Download For <Device>” (also the links for other devices are under this button)
  5. Install and open the Honeygain app
  6. Accept Terms of Use and login with the details you signed up with
  7. Done and dusted

Don’t forget to verify your email address as well

Note: Honeygain only allow for 1x active device on each IP address so don’t think that installing on multiple devices and running them on your home internet connection will earn more, as they have things in place to make it so people cannot take advantage of their network.

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